Windbreakers, Wilhelm Screaming Goats, And Afternoon Links

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A new challenger appears for the Wilhelm Scream. |via BioTV|

Stone-Faced Russian World Traveler Takes The Most Gruff Selfies Ever |UPROXX|

A Guide to Recognizing Your Oscar-Winning Coke Wizards |Film Drunk|

Here’s The Worst Hooters Robbery In History |With Leather|

Nick Offerman And Megan Mullally Performed ‘Smell Yo Dick’ By Riskay, Seem Like A Fun Couple |Warming Glow|

The 20 Greatest Comeback Rap Songs |Smoking Section|

Lookin’ Good, Desmond Bryant |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

R.I.P. Ray Cusick |Gamma Squad|

The Star Wars Family Tree |Unreality|

The Craziest Lil Wayne Rants |Giant Life|

Drive: Starring Owen Wilson |Clip Nation|

9 Houses Built Just For Spite |Mental Floss|

The Journey of a Naked Hotel Patron |Gorilla Mask|

Vintage Photobomb Will Creep You Out |HuffPost Comedy|

13 Instances When It’s Perfectly Okay To Use The C-Word |Pajiba|

Miley Cyrus – Party In The U.S.A (Yeah Lamb Edition) |High Definite|

Just How Old are the Actors Who Play High Schoolers? |College Humor|

Harvey Weinstein Hired an Obama Campaign Vet to Try to Get Silver Linings an Oscar |Vulture|

British Teens Attempt to Explain the NFL, and Something Has Been Lost in Translation |Brobible|

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[Picture sort of via The Clearly Dope (damage fixed by us).]

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