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PICTURE: Donald Glover meets the guy who got his Spiderman role. “We talked it out” — @MrDonaldGlover

Welcome Stone Soup to the family: “Why Is Volkswagen In The Mood For Italian?” [Uproxx]

Fake “Clown” trailer they jokingly said was from Eli Roth is becoming a real movie from Eli Roth. It can’t possibly be better than the Aqua Teen Hunger Force episode “The Clowning”. [Filmdrunk]

Ain’t no party like a Corgi Party ’cause a Corgi Party has trouble with stairs. [WarmingGlow]

Holiday Viewing: Eastbound and Down [Uproxx]

All The Bikini News That’s Fit To Print [UproxxNews]

Armless Man Still Bearing Arms [WithLeather]

The 10 Most Absurd Lyrics From Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday [TSS]

Stuff You Should Know: The Illuminati [TSJ]

Alec Baldwin’s ad for Wegmans [Gunaxin]

Gadgets and Stuff That Changed The World [UGO]

Ke$ha was just as sexy in high school [WWTDD]

Webcomics to get you through until xkcd is back [Fark]

33 Pictures Of The Awesomeness That Is The Artwork Of Jean-Michel Basquiat [NedHardy]

VIDEO BELOW: How to Wash a Cat (Great Instructional Video) [via ForkParty]

[Inset pic via SofaPizza]

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