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07.15.10 3 Comments

PICTURE: (click to enlarge) “Billy the 16-year-old eagle owl is kept cool by his owner Mick Warrior in Havant, Hants” [via]

Summer Buyer’s Guides:

Improv Everywhere’s Star Wars subway car stunt [Filmdrunk]

Marvel’s Big SDCC Plans [UGO]

Oprah still hates disabled people [WarmingGlow]

A television show host in Argentina “displayed a dead octopus, called him Paul, proclaimed him a Nazi, chopped his head off and pulverized him in a blender.” [WithLeather]

Reporter gets a most unwelcome phone call from Mel Gibson [KissingSuzyKolber]

38 tech nerd tattoos, AKA 38 terrible ideas [Urlesque]

Star Wars Trivia: 19 Facts You May Not Know [ForkParty]

Ten Ridiculously Stupid Sports of the Future [SportsPickle]

Seven items that tell people you’re a douche [Guyism]

The Vuvuzela Vs. The Internet: There Can Be Only One [NextRound]

I Think Google is Trying to Kill Me [CollegeHumor]

VIDEO BELOW: Slinky dog! [via HYST]

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