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An A-Z Guide To Endangered Animals And The A-Holes Who Keep Killing Them [Uproxx]

Will Androids Survive The iPhone 5? [

Well, the rent is too damn high [WarmingGlow]

10 Women Who Should Never Reproduce [TheSmokingSection]

The 10 most pretentious quotes from Jackass 3D reviews, featuring TWO Hieronymous Bosch references [Filmdrunk]

Fumble-icious Touchdownn [WithLeather]

Cats who look like demons (besides “all of them”) [Buzzfeed]

A PG-13 Alien? Does It Cuddle People to Death? [Pajiba]

What’s Magic Johnson up to? [TheHoopDoctors]

UFC 120 Results and Photos [TheCageDoctors]

The NBA Dress Code, Five Years Later [TheHoopDoctors]

10 Awesome Batman Stories You’ve Probably Never Heard Of [EgoTV]

25 Worst Business Names Of All Time [NedHardy]

Put Fido in his place: 10 Humiliating Halloween Costume Ideas for Pets [TheSmokingJacket]

VIDEO BELOW: “Legendary Canadian thespian Gordon Pinsent reads excerpts from Justin Bieber’s recently-published memoir, First Step 2 Forever: My Story, for This Hour Has 22 Minutes.” [via TDW]

[Pictures via fyeahdementia and BleedingCool]

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