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12.30.09 4 Comments

ABOVE: Press for ice. [imgur]

Only one way to describe the banner video here: The spice must flow. [Filmdrunk]

Forks, Washington, the town Stephenie Meyer set Twilight in (without having ever visited the place) now has its own reality show.  I’m joining Team Meteorite. [io9]

If a movie makes it onto a “Most Forgettable Movies” list, does that make it no longer the most forgettable?  And why is my nose bleeding? [Pajiba]

Time-lapse video of the Northern Lights. [TWAN]

16 impractical superhero costumes. Wearing your underwear outside the pants with a towel for a cape is still cool though, right? All the cool hobos are doing it. [ToplessRobot]

What Twitter and Facebook’s top 2009 trends tell us about ourselves.   Our love of porn and captioned cat photos is greatly under-represented here. [Mashable]

VIDEO BELOW: Tom Wilson (AKA Biff Tannen from Back the the Future) incorporated a song into his standup act to answer the questions he keeps getting. [/film]

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When not writing for Uproxx, Caleb likes to volunteer at the legless cat shelter and photoshop the Babadook into all of his family photos. He once resolved the question “To be or not to be?” through the clever use of General Semantics. Your mom thinks you could be more like him if you only applied yourself.

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