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07.21.10 2 Comments

Comic Books For Soldiers UPDATE: Geektress has sent out the care packages, but they are still fundraising to ship out the 10 cases of cookies donated by The Ohio Girl Scout Council. You can donate here.

I wrote this Buyer’s Guide on stuff you don’t need but probably want anyway [Uproxx]

Danger Guerrero on Hulu Plus [Uproxx]

Audience reacts to seeing M. Night Shyamalan’s name in a preview [Filmdrunk]

Wall Dog is always relevant [WarmingGlow]

TV news unintentionally reenacts Frogger [WithLeather]

Olivia Munn is guest starring on Chuck. [TVSquad]

Pug says “Batman” [ComicsAlliance]

Five Dictators’ Favorite Films [InsideMovies]

Testing Bulletproof Glass in the 1950s [Uncoached]

7 types of people you’ll see on the jumbotron [Guyism]

The 7 Types Of High School P.E. Teachers [CollegeHumor]

VIDEO BELOW: Tim Roth stars in this documentary on the seedy world of Brostitution. [via THD]

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