Links With Comrade Fancy Whiskers And Butterfly-Chasing Penguins

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Quite so.

PICTURES: A cat who survived the fires in Russia has awesome whiskers, also gets a much-needed photoshop upgrade. [via Reddit]

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Martin Luther Still Annoying Germans 500 Years Later [

7 best quotes from Tom Green’s Juggalo Gathering film [Filmdrunk]

This Guy Gets Mad Tail [WarmingGlow]

Skateboarding Priest Will Entertain You With Tricks And You Will Like It [WithLeather] Seems Like A Good Website [NextRound]

38 Pawesome Dog Tattoos [Urlesque]

7 misspelled words that make you want to punch your computer. Only seven? [Guyism]

5 Famous Guys Who Slid Way Down the Food Chain to Cheat [TheSmokingJacket]

Chin Up, Fanboys! America Hates Lots of Great Movies. Not Just Yours. [Pajiba]

Pug Swim Meet [Buzzfeed]

VIDEO BELOW: Penguins chasing a butterfly [Neatorama]

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