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Debbie Gibson and Tiffany in Python versus Gatoroid.  Mamma says Gatoroids are angry because their little arms can’t reach with the Preparation-H. [WarmingGlow]

Congratulations, Rolling Stone. You’re relevant again. [TheSmokingSection]

Trailer for comic book adaptation Red [

German fan using vuvuzela all wrong [WithLeather]

Ten Awesome G1 Transformers Collectibles [Gunaxin]

10 Maddest Doctors On Adult Swim [AdultSwim]

The 25 worst NBA draft suits of all time [Guyism]

New David Thorne email exchange [27bslash6]

Other Period-Specific Video Games from Rockstar [CollegeHumor]

Topless Jack Nicholson eating a sandwich becomes a meme [Urlesque]

Two Previews From the Beasts of Burden ‘Animal Rites’ Hardcover [ComicsAlliance]

VIDEO BELOW: Vuvuzela DOOM [via EpicPonyz]

[Banner pic via Nerdcore, freaking adorable inset pic via TheDailyWhat]

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