Links with Epic Drumming and Sinkholes

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06.02.10 2 Comments

PICTURES: Nerdcore and their commenters speculate about what’s in that sinkhole in Guatemala.

Dan explores the awesome/awful future of independent filmmaking [Uproxx]

Tony Jaa quitting acting to become a monk.  But now who will humble my elephant with uppercuts? [Filmdrunk]

100 reality TV spoilers in 2 minutes [WarmingGlow]

MMA fighter kali-ma’d a guy while high. [WithLeather]

If you illegally downloaded The Hurt Locker, prepare for butthurt. [TheSmokingSection]

The 66 most overrated women of 2010 [Guyism]

Sitcom premises are really depressing [CollegeHumor]

Top 20 awesome fictional cars [Gunaxin]

Jonah Hill explains how to smuggle drugs the hard way [Asylum]

“Computer security: there is a war, and the good guys are not winning” [Fark]

A gallery of custom Darth Vader helmets from the Darth Vader Project [Unreality]

New trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World [InsideMovies]

VIDEO BELOW: This drummer can change the physical properties of things with the power of his rocking. (Stay tuned for more Patton Oswalt references) [via CollegeHumor]

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