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06.09.10 2 Comments

The five worst times to be naked.  Read it with denim shorts on. [Uproxx]

Check out Dan’s article on “10 Games That Accidentally Let You Skip Ahead” so he can buy something pretty.  Like an exquisite hat, would be one example. [Spike]

An X-ray of one of Pete Rose’s bats reveals corking [WithLeather]

Devo will appear on the 100th episode of “Futurama.” [WarmingGlow]

A Mortal Kombat video that actually looks like it might not suck. [Filmdrunk]

Hydroplaning dolphins [

13 hilariously ridiculous movie posters [Guyism]

Star Wars corsets. That is all. [ComicsAlliance]

The 8 most depressing MST3K episodes [ToplessRobot]

“Five Things That Make Me Feel Old Already” [Unreality]

The 7 best and 7 worst video game sidekicks [Dorkly]

15 biggest cult films of the past 5 years [Pajiba]

VIDEO BELOW: Spider-dog, spider-dog, does whatever a spider-dog does. [via Arbroath]

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