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02.17.10 2 Comments

A Canadian Health organization has made a superhero sex ed video game.  You can play it online here.  It’s seriously weird. (NSFW picture) [ComicsAlliance]

Robert Pattinson is allergic to vaginas. [Filmdrunk]

The bizarro verson of 5 popular websites [CollegeHumor]

An open letter to “Lost” fanatics [WarmingGlow]

10 bizarre video game glitches [Unreality]

This is the second-greatest cereal ever (Mr. T cereal still number one, and I pity the fool who don’t eat it). [CollegeHumor]

“The Internet has become so incredibly nerdy and self-centered that it’s actually re-adapting TV shows, movies and songs as whiny blog entries.”  Hey, did I ever tell you guys about the time I saw a man die? [Gunaxin]

VIDEO BELOW: It turns out Dolph Lundgren didn’t only sing Elvis, play drums, and break things at the Melodifestavalen, he also made a skit. [via ToplessRobot]

[Alan Tudyk picture via Reddit]

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