Links With Surfing Sheep and Homicidal Dogs

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Check out Vince’s photo gallery of dogs who want to kill their owners. [Uproxx]

All this summer’s movies. One trailer to rule them all. [Filmdrunk]

One of the clowns from ICP has a message for all the haters of the Miracles video, still doesn’t answer why some mountains look like presidents. [WarmingGlow]

An ode to Toonces the driving cat [WithLeather]

“Olivia Munn’s role in Iron Man 2 revealed: she stuck with what she knows and played herself” [Fark]

10 cool roadside attractions in the US.  You mean . . . outside? [Guyism]

15 ‘Big Lebowski’ mashups [Urlesque]

Star Wars propaganda pin-ups [Unreality]

6 guys every man needs in his posse. [Gunaxin]

More examples of children’s drawings turned into paintings [ComicsAlliance]

If you’re not one of my 4 Facebook friends, you may not have already seen this, the Greatest Song Ever Recorded. [CollegeHumor]

VIDEO BELOW: Surfing sheep?  Surfing sheep. [via Arbroath]

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