Wolverine And Sweet Lemonade In The Afternoon Links

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“My anthropology text book has a picture of Wolverine to show mutation.” — Kris

Never Forget Fat Betty: 20 TV GIFs That Defined 2012 |Warming Glow|

The Best Of #AskPontifex, In Which The Pope Solicits Questions And Twitter Hilariously Obliges |UPROXX|

Jon Gruden Discusses The Fiscal Cliff With Former OMB Director David Stockman |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

The Nominees For ‘Best Original Song’ At The Adult Video News Awards Are Amazing |UPROXX|

Model Sophie Turner Is Something Sensational To Behold |Smoking Section|

The Honest Trailer for Dark Knight Rises |Film Drunk|

Reddit Users Really Love The L.A. Lakers |With Leather|

The 12 Douchiest Movie Boyfriends |Pajiba|

Mr. Burns Explains The Fiscal Cliff |HuffPost|

The 10 Greatest Prank Videos of 2012 |Brobible|

30 Most Disturbing Face Swaps Of 2012 |Buzzfeed|

Now THAT’S how you promote your Tolkien books |Fark|

If Kate Has Twins, Who Ascends The Throne? |Mental Floss|

The Science of Plan B Emergency Contraception |High Definite|

If Your Awkward Sex Life Were a Romance Novel |College Humor|

5 Reasons Why Burton’s Wonka Movie is Better than That Other One |Unreality|


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