The Quintessential ‘X-Men: First Class’ GIF Set (And Afternoon Links)

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‘Elysium’ Trailer: Robots, space, swords, explosions, bikinis, Matt Damon |Film Drunk|

Someone In The Vatican Really Likes ‘The Americans,’ Hardcore Porn |Warming Glow|

Let’s Tour Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Graveyard |UPROXX|

Jay Cutler Doesn’t Deny The ‘DDDOOOONNN’TTTT CAAARRREEE’ Story |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

UFC Fighters VS. A Soccer Mascot’s Nuts. Who Ya Got? |With Leather|

10 Rappers Who Fell Off Lyrically |Smoking Section|

Bad Luck Sean Bean |Unreality|

6 Reasons Kimye’s Baby Is Doomed |Giant Life|

R.I.P., Coachella Guantanamo Party |Grantland|

Epic Rap Battle: Mozart vs. Skrillex |Gorilla Mask|

6 Classic Movies Made Possible by Reckless Endangerment |Cracked|

The 25 Best TV Episodes of All Time, According to IMDB Users |Pajiba|

Adam Sandler Details His Attempt To See Shaq’s Penis |HuffPost Comedy|

Patton Oswalt + Star Wars action figures + Russ Meyer = (just click) |AV Club|

8 Ways To Skip Your Friends’ Stupid Sh*t Now That It’s Warm Out |College Humor|

Papa John Seemed to Enjoy Himself at the National Championship Game |Brobible|

AT-AT Walker Helps 4-Year-Old Patient Recover, Walks Right into Our Hearts |Technabob|

VIDEO BELOW: Don’t let babies use lightsabers, y’all. |via BioTV|

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