Make Volts Not War — U.S. Army Scientists Achieve Major Breakthrough in Battery Technology

06.07.12 5 years ago

I hate batteries. I thought once I outgrew remote control cars I wouldn’t have to worry about them much anymore, but nope, everything has to wireless these days, which means piles of batteries all over the house and a charger constantly on the go. Anything that improves stupid, crappy batteries even a little bit is great news in my eyes.

So yeah, I’m excited to report that scientists have made a big breakthrough in battery technology. Up until now a single cell battery couldn’t produce more than 4 volts. Just couldn’t do it — until now that is. Scientists at the U.S. Army Research Lab have devised a way to get 5 volts out of a single cell battery.

That may not sound like a big deal, but it’s basically the biggest advance in battery technology since batteries were invented. It’ll mean longer lasting, smaller, lighter batteries. Hopefully it’ll eventually mean the end of the ol’ AA battery because I barely stand to look at the damn things anymore.

via Gizmondo

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