40 ‘Man Of Steel’ GIFs To Superpower Your Morning

By 04.17.13

The trailer for Man Of Steel dropped last night, and we only had one GIF snagged at the time. The internet — Tumblr in particular — has pulled another all-nighter to bring us a bounty of excellent Man Of Steel GIFs and photoshops. That’ll do, Tumblr. That’ll do.

Continue on for 40 GIFs from disparate sources, which we tried to group in a logical way. Stay tuned till the end for a very special guest.

Thanks to Brain Confetti, Booasaur, Pinipenpen, thestarks, Julo7orres, Edgarwrights, Mercer Morrison, Lucky Gambino, and the CBM commenters for the GIFs.

Not a GIF, but the Lexcorp building (!) was spotted at 2:18 into the trailer. [via]

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