Mario And Luigi Like To Swing

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08.04.11 2 Comments

Morgan Day and Emily Wigger did a Super Mario Brothers themed dance routine at this year’s National Jitterbug Championships, which is a real thing that exists.  They incorporated several moves from the game and perfectly-timed sound effects along with music from throughout the games and even from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show.  At one point Mario loses his cap. (Pick it up fast, dude, you get injured super easily without it!)  The pause in the middle of the act is from the DJ having technical difficulties.

For this routine they won a “Golden Budgie Rock the House Award for Most Exceptional Performance”, which GeeksAreSexy assures me is also a real thing that exists.  I don’t know.  Seems like a lot to fit on a trophy.  But I guess Morgan and Emily have only one thing to say about my incredulity:

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