Marvel's Sexy Pajamas Turn Real Women Into Fantasies

By 08.16.11

Marvel has taken Jessica Rabbit’s “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.” quote and applied it to flesh and blood humans. In a remarkably comic book solution to making sexy pajamas, Marvel, via Spencer’s, are drawing sexy female bodies on their pajamas. I can only imagine how this conversation went. Read the Marvel Exec character in the voice of J. Johah Jameson.

Marvel Assistant: Spencer’s is telling us our sexy superheroine pajamas line isn’t sexy enough.

Marvel Exec: What are you talking about? We’ve got the sexiest superheroines in the business!

Marvel Assistant: Apparently our female characters bodies are unrealistic when compared to most women.

Marvel Exec: Well, why don’t we just draw them differently!

Marvel Assistant: Yes sir, I’ll tell the artists to draw our female characters with bigger waists and smaller boobs.

Marvel Exec: No, you numbskull! We’ll just draw women on the pajamas with smaller waists and bigger boobs.

High fives and bonuses for everyone! Keep clicking for a closer look at these genius pajamas.

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