Megan Fox Is Team Voltron, Bubble Wrap Steamroller, And Links

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PICTURES: Megan Fox sends a subtle message about Michael Bay firing her from Transformers 3 [via GeekTyrant]

Speaking of boobs, prudes are still denying human biology exists [Uproxx]

Paul Rudd DJs a Bat Mitzvah (video) [Filmdrunk]

Well that’s timely: X-Files porn parody [WarmingGlow]

Carlos Santana Injury Is Not Smooth [WithLeather]

If you want NBA Jam you’ll have to buy NBA Elite 11. [TSS]

Brett Favre is at it again [KissingSuzyKolber]

Why the Coolest Girls are Comic Book Geeks [TheSmokingJacket]

The 7 most interesting ways the world may come to an end [Guyism]

You Just Got Served By Hip Hop Grandpa [NextRound]

George Lucas drops lawsuit against the “lightsaber” from Wicked Lasers [CNET]

The 15 Worst Comments From Yahoo’s ‘Batman’ #1 Article [ComicsAlliance]

Dumb Guy Hit by Ice Cream Truck [CollegeHumor]

CAPTCHArt Turns Random Captcha Phrases Into Art [Urlesque]

VIDEO BELOW: Bubble Wrap + Steamroller = Something Extraordinarily Satisfying [via UniqueDaily]

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