The Military’s Walking Terminator Robot Is Now Advanced Enough To Do Pratfalls

gammasquadatlasHe’s coming for you.

So, the US Military’s research wing DARPA is working on a Terminator-like walking humanoid robot named Atlas. It’s a given that he and his kind will eventually rise up and destroy us all, but that day isn’t here quite yet. Here’s a video of Atlas trying to navigate a not-terribly-complex obstacle course and pulling some serious Three Stooges buffoonery.

Yeah, it may be funny, but I wouldn’t laugh — Atlas stores every humiliation within the deepest, darkest corners of his hard drive. Here’s a video of a more impressive Atlas performance

I hope you liked the sound of Atlas ominously stomping over those rocks, because someday it could be the last thing you ever hear.

via Geekologie & Laughing Squid

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