Modern Warfare 2 Fans Know What Daddy Likes

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04.09.10 4 Comments

The guys over at Corridor Digital (AKA my new best friends who don’t know me) made an awesome fan film based on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 2.

Created with a budget of only $209.42, “Frozen Crossing” is an amazing piece of work that will easily be loved by fans of Modern Warfare 2. The video is only 7 minutes long but there is expected to be several parts to the series as it leaves off in a cliff hanger. [Nerdiest-Kids]

Only $209.62?  Amazing.  That’s about $30 per minute for a decent indie action sequence.  That’d be like making a 90 minute Steven Seagal movie for $2,700, except you’d have to leave out the explosions and Seagal would have to supply his own kimonos and panda food.

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