This Car Just Passed The Baboon Test

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05.10.12 3 Comments

At the Knowsley Safari Park outside Liverpool, England, the baboons were given the chance to play around with a Hyundai to put its child-proofing to the test. Good. It’s about time we all just acknowledged that having a couple of kids in your life is exactly like getting attacked by a f–kload of baboons.

On the other hand, is it a good idea to let primates, who are assuredly plotting against us, get behind the wheel? They are very crafty little beasts. For example, below is a picture from the Hyundai test and one more picture of the inevitable future if we let the baboons get too comfortable breaking into cars.

Harrowing stuff.

P.S. Here’s the alternate banner picture. I couldn’t decide which one to use:

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