Another Supercut Of Mr. Wizard Being A Jerk To Kids? We're Going To Need Another Timmy.

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“You know what’s great for all those snake nightmares you’ve been having? Peanut brittle.”

A couple of months ago we enjoyed watching Don Herbert say snarky things to precocious Canadian children on Mr. Wizard’s World. Diane Bullock and Mike Schuster have now made a second supercut of Mr. Wizard being a dick to kids during the show’s 78-episode run on Nickelodeon. The show also inspired one of my favorite TV running gags, “We’re going to need another Timmy.” And I’ll reference it every chance I get.

Check out the video below to see the second installment of Mr. Wizard giving Canadian kids the business. And the science. But mostly the dickery.

[Hat tip and some “peanut brittle” to The High Definite.]

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