‘Much Ado About Nothing’: Hey, Mal, Wesley, Illyria And Agent Coulson Made A Shakespeare Movie!

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03.08.13 12 Comments

OK, so this isn’t strictly a nerd movie, except for the fact that pretty much every convention you go to from now on will probably be screening this at least once or twice. But Joss Whedon’s take on Much Ado About Nothing is pretty much “Hey, It’s That Guy!”: The Movie for nerds, and it’s kind of fun to watch just on that basis.

Essentially, Joss Whedon got together a bunch of actors that he worked with previously at his house and shot the entire text of Much Ado About Nothing, mostly because he wanted to make a small, light comedy before he went back to Marvel. And, honestly, it looks pretty good!

Granted, it takes a little while to get used to Sandy Rivers and Illyria sniping at each other in iambic pentameter over jazz, but Whedon appears to have put a decent chunk of his Avengers money into this, and if nothing else, it’s fun to see actors largely tied to genre work unwind and do something different. And Much Ado About Nothing is a play that actually tends to bring out the best in actors, so it’ll be interesting to see the result.

It comes out June 7th and by all accounts will have a major push behind it, so you might as well get familiar with it now since your significant other will likely be dragging you to see it. Just don’t quote Buffy too loudly.

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