Naughty Bear Brings Friends

Entertainment Editor

Why you thieving beta testers.  “CuddlesGreatA2M” was already my eHarmony name.

Naughty Bear is the game where you play a bullied bear living on a magical island of stuffed teddy bears, seeking revenge on the other teddies and getting bonus points for especially “deviant and maniacal” kills.  Until now, all clips have shown the single-player version of the game.  The new ad (below) shows off the online, multiplayer modes of the game.  Holy crap, I can fight with bears in other countries, too?  Be still my heart.

Here are the four modes shown in the video:

  1. Jelly Wars: Three bears try to make a big jelly while one bear hides the materials, sets traps, and kills them.  It’s just like home ec. class all over again.
  2. Cake Walk: One player holds the Golden Cupcake, which makes them slower and unable to defend themselves.  The other three bears then beat the stuffing out of him.
  3. Golden Oozy: There’s one golden machine gun with unlimited ammo.  All the bears want it.  There can be only one.
  4. Assault: Two blue bears fight two red bears.  So it’s Bloods versus Crips, teddy bear style.

The game releases this Friday and was developed by Artificial Mind & Movement, who awesomely abbreviate their name as A2M.  If you don’t know why that’s funny, don’t watch Human Centipede; you’ll probably die.


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