New Quantum Entanglement Record Set, Spectres Punching Out Reporters That Much Closer

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05.16.12 2 Comments

For our new readers, the ones without the physics PhDs and the rock-hard sexually magnetic physiques, quantum entanglement is the phenomenon where two particles are put in the same state, and then separated. The neat part is, once you change the state of one particle, the other changes instantaneously.

Scientifically speaking, we think it’s because of elves.

Either way, quantum entanglement is actually extremely important to communications because they’re highly secure: there’s literally nothing in quantum communications to intercept. So they can be used to pass on information in a way that basically nobody except the recipient can read. Needless to say, governments are intensely interested in this technology.

Anyway, the big problem is that so far, we’ve only been able to send these entangled particles 16 kilometers or so away. Fortunately, a team in China has worked out how to send them nearly 100 kilometers.

Next step? Sending entangled particles to satellites, and picking up the bitrate; currently you can only send five qubits or so a second. Also punching out an anti-Shepard reporter.

image courtesy Bioware

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