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05.24.10 2 Comments

Vince suggests new MMA Fighter nicknames. I would totally watch a fight between “Kitten Sneeze” and “The Snacks Murderer”. [Uproxx]

“Lost” reenacted by cats [WarmingGlow]

Now that’s an intense audition tape. [Filmdrunk]

How to practice safe daggering [TheSmokingSection]

This headline makes me happy: “Benevolent Ninjas Guard the Streets of Australia.” [ToplessRobot]

How to totally ace a job interview and not end up in jail at all (pictures) [CollegeHumor]

‘Shaved Bieber’ Firefox add-on removes all mentions of Justin Bieber from the web.  It’s an amazing time to be alive. [Urlesque]

24 best “24” quotes.  I’d read all of this but THERE’S NO TIME. [TVSquad]

Bat Boy action figure [ComicsAlliance]

The evolution of video game sound (video) [Unreality]

VIDEO BELOW: WithLeather found this video of a baby T-Rex throwing out the first pitch at a Memphis Redbirds game.  You can also see Ryan Phillippe’s throw over there.

[Banner via JuliaSegal]

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