‘Street Fighter Red Tape’ Finally Asks: Is Blanka A Baby-Eating Monster?

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05.20.14 4 Comments

In the newest “Street Fighter Red Tape” segment on The Pete Holmes Show, Pete breaks the bad news to Blanka that he’s going to have travel restrictions on all flights during the tournament because he is “a terrifying monster”. Blanka is played by Matt McCarthy (AKA Commissioner Gordon), who does a perfect bit of improv at the end when he gets up to leave. The video was worth watching for that moment alone.

That perfect ending comes after and argument between the two over whether Blanka is a human or a monster. Blanka says human, while Pete says, “You’re more like a, ‘Who killed all our goats?‘ and then we pan over and you’re just covered in blood.”

Seriously though, there’s no way he’s not going to eat that baby.

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