Pity the Clown In Gotham City

09.21.11 6 years ago

You know, we’ve always wondered whether or not there are any clowns at all in Gotham City. Think about it. It’s a city where the Joker regularly dumps nerve gas on the population, usually at some supposedly fun event like a carnival or a stand-up show. He regularly uses clowns and mimes as cover for his illegal activities, or for his thugs.

Gotham must be the sight of dozens of tragic clown killings, every year. Wait, is killing a clown really a tragedy, or just a mercy killing?

Either way, College Humor has decided to address these questions and more via a short sketch. You can find a little bit of Gotham justice against the greasepainted under the jump.

[ via the thugclowns at The Mary Sue ]

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