Playboy Does Tron

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12.14.10 2 Comments

Playboy slathered Playmates Irina Voronina and Sasckya Porto with Tron-inspired bodypaint and took pictures.  Something about Tron: Legacy coming out next week or bodypaint being on sale, I don’t know; I was distracted.  This is definitely a bigger-budget photo shoot than the Tron porn.  And just to keep things from getting too sexy, now’s a great time to point out bodypaint looks totally uncomfortable.  They should wash that off immediately and then do the photo shoot.  I make these suggestions because I care.
After the jump are more pictures and a video.  Do we have to say it’s NSFW?  We’re talking Nude Tayne NSFW level business here.
Full-sized pictures and the rest of the pictures (NSFW, obviously) are at Playboy.

It gets significantly less safe for work beyond this point:

[Sources: Technabob and DaveandThomas]

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