Pokemon + — Six More Poke-Crossovers That Need to Happen

As we reported yesterday, Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition is coming to North America, which got me thinking — if Pokemon can successfully be crossed with a hardcore strategy game set in feudal Japan, it can be crossed with pretty much anything.

I bet you can guess where this is going, so without further ado, here are six other Pokemon crossovers I’d like to see…

Pokemon + Cooking Mama

Come on, you can’t tell me some Pokemon don’t look downright delicious. Mmm, I could go for a nice barbequed Tepig fried rice, right now. Sure, some kids might find making Bulbasaur stew a little disturbing, but Mama’s calming presence and hilarious Engrish would get players through.


Pokemon + Gears of War

Have you ever actually read the in-depth Pokemon descriptions out there? Some of them are destructive mothers. Some of them, like Whiscash are powerful enough to cause earthquakes. Others can cause tsunamis or level mountains.

In other words, now that Marcus Fenix and company have destroyed the Locusts and Lambent, it’s time to move onto the real challenge — these weird creatures with world destroying powers being controlled by children. Come on — who doesn’t want to pump bullets into a Gyarados from behind a chest-high wall?

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