Powers Are Lost And Fights Get Started In This Exclusive Preview Of ‘Aquaman And The Others’ #5

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Aquaman and his team of Atlantean-artifact superheroes have a serious problem on their hands. Namely, they’re fighting an ancient evil that wants their gold, and it ain’t Warwick Davis, as you can see in this preview of Aquaman and The Others #5

This is an odd little team book, in some ways. It’s the first time Aquaman has been leading a team of his own, and it’s very much a throwback to the days of the great team books of the ’80s out of DC, especially with the high fantasy vibe Dan Jurgens gleefully works into the proceedings. It’s a book unconcerned about whether or not you take it seriously, as long as you enjoy it.

Which, of course, involves a few setbacks, as this preview demonstrates…


DC Comics


DC Comics


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