Prayers Answered, Ice Cream Serving Robot (Video)

08.19.10 7 years ago

Ah yes, the endless possibilities that technology has so graciously laid before mankind. Look around people, we’ve got flying cars, laser-firing dinosaurs and robot ice cream servants -HA, I’m just kidding, you dipsh*t…well, at least about the flying car part. It seems a certain [nameless] country has once again invested priceless time and effort into the design of a game changing creation: an ice cream serving robot.

It’s true folks, Japan’s own Yaskawa-kun Ice Cream Robot wants to feed you cone after cone of sugary cholesterol. Included after the jump is video of our futuristic enabler in action. Be sure and watch past the :25 mark, when sh*t goes from awesome to awesomely terrifying as singing children are incorporated into the soundtrack. You’ve been warned, then again, we are talking ice cream here.

Crotch grab to dave&thomas for the tip.

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