Princess Bride Lightsaber Duels? Inconceivable!

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12.03.10 4 Comments

Everybody’s probably seen this Princess Bride lightsaber battle that went viral a few years ago, but, as ToplessRobot points out, you probably haven’t seen the other, better Princess Bride lightsaber battle video that didn’t go viral.

And, yeah, the video is almost two years old. So why am I posting a video this old? Hey, the heart wants what it wants.  Mine wants Princess Bride / Star Wars mashups, and the heart also wants vodka at 3 pm, which is incidentally also the time of day the heart would prefer to get out of bed.  Oh, heart. What would I do without you? (Spoiler: die.)

[Banner pic via UN, inset pic by Matt Ranzetta via LiveforFilms]

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