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Louis C.K. Standup Multipanes Are The Best [Uproxx]

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum’s “21 Jump Street” To Be Rated R, Son [Filmdrunk]

10 Amazing Quotes From Brittney Palmer’s Cagewriter Interview [WithLeather]

Lobster Dog Vs. Lobster Dog [WarmingGlow]

George Lucas Still Not Endearing Himself To Star Wars Fans [Uproxx]

Bollywood’s “Ghandi To Hitler” Has Musical Numbers [Filmdrunk]

Michael Phelps Is A Traitor [WithLeather]

VH1’s Behind The Music With Ice Cube [TSS]

World Map Stereotypes [Buzzfeed]

10 Great Things You Might Know Troy McClure From [Fark]

Adult Swim’s 9 Most Ambitious Young Go-Getters [AdultSwim]

Charlie Day’s 20 Best Quotes From It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia [Pajiba]

10 Things A Song of Ice and Fire Fans Hope to See in A Dance With Dragons [Geektress]

VIDEO: The first rule of Turkey Fight Club is “gobble gobble gobble”.  Not sure what it means. [via SayOMG]

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