Junkie Zombies Try Not To Relapse On Brains In BBC’s ‘In The Flesh’

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03.07.13 2 Comments

Below are the first two trailers for BBC Three series In The Flesh as well as an uber-British PSA on dealing with a zombie apocalypse. In The Flesh is a zombie drama which casts zombies as junkies of a sort, being detoxed and rehabbed back into a society which still has a “not in my backyard” attitude about their kind.

The zombie we’re following is named Kieren Walker (yes, “walker”, hardy har har). He doesn’t feel he’s ready to re-enter society, but it’s the fact that he’s feeling anything at all which convinces his doctors he’s ready. Think of the ending to Shaun of the Dead if, instead of working menial jobs, the treated zombies were going to group therapy and trying not to relapse.

In The Flesh comes from director Jonny Campbell and writer Dominic Mitchell. It premieres on BBC Three on Sunday, March 17th at 10pm. Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into another plodding, didactic advertisement for twelve step programs like Flight was.

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