Rifftrax Celebrates Five Years of Heckling With A Best Of Video

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08.02.11 2 Comments

Rifftrax just turned five years old.  Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett started it after “Mystery Science Theater 3000” ended.  Since they couldn’t buy the rights to big-budget movies, they sell audio files of just their heckling and let the consumer pirate acquire the big-budget fare being lampooned.  This anniversary is making me feel old as hell, especially since I started watching MST3K as a kid.

Rifftrax is now half the age MST3K ended up, and I’ll be shocked if we don’t get at least five more years out of Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett — and I certainly hope so, since they’re doing the nerd lord’s work. [ToplessRobot]

Lines like “put it back in the mystical trunk of pandering” spoken during Clash of the Titans in the compilation below make the nerd lord happy.  Also, I lost my sh-t at 2:05 when the Yakety Sax kicked in. Man, that was funny. Ha ha ha . . . I miss Joel Hodgson.

[Hat tip and a rejection of Tommy Kirk and all of his works to ToplessRobot.]


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