‘Our Robocop Remake’ Is Officially The Best Robocop Remake Of 2014


Well, it’s official, Hollywood’s rather mediocre looking new Robocop is the second best Robocop remake of 2014. The best by a long shot is Our Robocop Remake, a shot-by-shot remake of the original Robocop made on a shoestring budget by 55 different fan filmmakers. Basically, each of those 55 filmmakers took a scene and did their best to recreate it in their own style with what they had — the result is something I’d certainly buy for a dollar, which is appropriate, because that’s probably around what most of the filmmakers spent on their segments.

Check out a trailer for Our Robocop Remake

Our Robocop Remake will eventually be released online, or you can try to request a screening for your area right here.

via io9

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