Robot Chicken Previews Their DC Comics Episode, Very Special Power Rings

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At New York Comic Con earlier this month, Green Lantern writer/Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns announced that there will be a Robot Chicken episode all about DC Comics superheroes. The episode, called “RC/DC”, will be partially written by Johns and Kevin Shinick (MAD). Johns also participated in last year’s Star Wars Episode III Robot Chicken special.

Adult Swim released a first look at what we can expect with a possibly NSFW clip of Green Lantern overcoming adversity (the loss of his hands) exactly as well as you’d expect from a Robot Chicken episode. Spoiler: it also raises the question why DC has never penned a merchandising contract with a c**k ring factory. This is the second time today I’ve told someone they should pen a merchandising contract with a c**k ring factory. Boy was my grandma confused.

[via ComicsAlliance]

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