Sandy Ravage is Visibly Upset

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11.08.10 7 Comments

Below is an epic beasting on video by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 player Sandy Ravage (who some argue may be using aim assist but I wouldn’t know).  Double Kill? No, game, get it right: Triple Kill.  What makes this video special is the over-the-top narration added to it by El Presador, throwing around gems like this:

Sandy Ravage senses these boys are gonna quit, so he missed on purpose with that predator missile. He knows these soldiers are ill-equipped to deal with a man of his calibre. […] They need to make a patch for this man, because man seriously – how the f–k you gonna combat the uncombatable? Matter of fact, people in the lobby oughta just quit this game. Save their own lives. [via PCGamer]

I want this guy to narrate my life. “Look at this beast fold that laundry.  I don’t have a tenth of a sixteenth of these skills. Now he dropped the box of laundry powder, but that’s all right; make it count.  Look at this, scooping up powder into the washing machine.  Just like that, more clothes go in, these blood stains won’t even know what hit them. I MEAN HOW MANY MORE DOES HE HAVE TO KILL?”

Er, that took a turn for the morbid somewhere. Anyway, here’s the video (contains a sh*tload of swearing).

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