Sexy Robot Wants To Wash Your Appendages

Entertainment Editor
11.09.10 3 Comments

No, this isn’t disturbing at all.

The debonair metal gentleman in the banner picture is Cody from Georgia Tech’s Healthcare Robotics Lab.  He’s a robotic nurse assistant with the magic touch. (Disclaimer: “magic touch” may mean “soulless grip of death” in some instances.)

A laser-based operator-selection interface enables an operator to select an area to clean, and the robot autonomously performs a wiping motion using equilibrium point control. We evaluated the performance of the system by measuring the ability of the robot to remove an area of debris on human skin. [GeorgiaTech via BotJunkie]

That sounds like a sexy time.  The robot successfully removed more than 96% of debris using relatively low force (fewer than three Newtons, the sexiest of all the measurements of force).

You can watch it work its “magic” below. That’s right, Cody. Get all the marmalade.

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