The ‘Sh-t People Say’ Meme May Have Been Redeemed By ‘Sh-t Nerds Never Say’

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10.15.13 4 Comments

Sh-t Nerds Never Say

We declared the “Sh-t Various Groups Say” meme to be played out ages ago, but we’ll make an exception for this video submitted by Bill Scurry. Kevin Maher and Scurry filmed ‘Sh-t Nerds Never Say’ at New York Comic-Con last weekend. They tasked Batman, Nick Fury, Sandman, Troma co-founder Lloyd Kaufman, and others to deliver lines you’d never hear at a Comic-Con. Basically, think of anything a misogynistic, pedantic, and argumentative lump of greasy manflesh would grunt from a mobility scooter, and then reverse it.

The end result is an enjoyable parody, but “Sh-t Wookiees Say” is still the definitive geeky “Sh-t People Say” video. *rides away on mobility scooter*

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