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Batman Explains It All [Uproxx]

Urine For A Shower Of Golden News [Uproxx News]

Jim Norton spoils the ending of Eat, Pray, Love [Filmdrunk]

Here’s a perfectly normal English sentence: NBC bought a spec script for a buddy cop procedural comedy with zombies and vampires. [WarmingGlow]

12 year old racer drops the hammer [WithLeather]

Chris Chambers gives hope to stalkers everywhere [KissingSuzyKolber]

7 advancements in technology that may be holding men back [Guyism]

22 Things You Will Probably See At The 2010 Gathering Of The Juggalos (NSFW) [BuzzFeed]

Adult Swim’s 10 Grossest Hook-ups [Adult Swim]

“The most unlikely weapons in videogaming. The electric eel seems to be the winner here” [Fark]

34 Perfectly Timed Mid-Air Poses [Urlesque]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as Marvel icons [ComicsAlliance]

PICTURES: Steven Slater quit his job on Jet Blue by swearing over the intercom, grabbing a couple beers, and triggering the emergency slide to leave the plane in style. Geekosystem did a round up of Steven Slater memes going around now, including the two pictures here.  More at Geekosystem.

VIDEO BELOW: Here’s an extended cut (longer than the one making the rounds yesterday) of the Steven Slater animation NMA made for Apple Daily in Taiwan. I like how they made the boyfriend shirtless for no reason. That’s how you spot us gays. [via BoingBoing]

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