So This Exists: All-Marshmallows Cereal

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09.10.10 5 Comments

Part of a completely balanced Holy Sh*t Cat and OMG Cat breakfast.

So there’s this guy in Montana, Nathan Wratislaw, selling just the marshmallows from cereal for $15 for 14 ounces, $70 for 12 pounds, $400 for 95 pounds, and a variety of other sizes.  He found out he had to order 10,000 pounds at a time to get these from a wholesaler, so he’s selling the excess marshmallows to other cereal marshmallow enthusiasts. (Can’t use all 10,000 pounds by yourself? Lightweight.)

The website also has a neat little section with recipe suggestions, including Cereal Marshmallow pancakes, Cereal Marshmallow cookies and even Cereal Marshmallow macaroni and cheese. […] The website even has an extremely unintentionally funny section filled with videos of a guy eating many types of cereal with the Cereal Marshmallows added. [Geekosystem]

As awesome as this is, the Geocities-looking website with borderline-literate grammar and a generic AOL email address isn’t reassuring.  But sometimes one must accept janky websites to obtain a kiddie pool full of cereal marshmallows.  His Holiness The Dalai Lama taught me that.

Double marshmallow Lucky Charms? What does it meeean?

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