So, What’s Been Going On With Thor 2?

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01.12.12 3 Comments

Oh, nothing much, just hiring a screenwriter who hasn’t had anything hit the screen in a decade or so to revamp the script and accelerating a shooting schedule. Also, Jamie Alexander (Sif, to you) is adorable but possibly not in “Thor 2”.

Let’s break it down. The script rewrite we told you about previously is going to Robert Rodat, who justifiably disappeared after writing “The Patriot” and only came back eleven years later with “Falling Skies”. The problem is Rodat writes war movies, and, well, that’s it. His biggest achievement is “Saving Private Ryan”.

And he’d better get to work: according to Loki (Tom Hiddleston), filming on “Thor 2” starts this summer in London. And the script is in such rough shape, apparently, that some of the cast, like the adorable and diplomatic Jamie Alexander, have no idea whether or not they’re coming back.

Oh, Good Lord, Marvel. Slow your frickin’ roll. We loved the first one, all right? Take the time to make sure the second one is right.

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