Something Awful’s Comedy Goldmine Ruins Classic Video Games With Photoshop

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10.23.12 7 Comments

This nightmare scenario brought to you by Ultraviper.
The goons at Something Awful have come up with a great theme for today’s Comedy Goldmine which was relevant to our interests. Forum member Experto Crede pitched the idea of photoshopping classic video games to ruin the game or to add in modern gaming “innovations” which actually suck.
How would you like to play Pac-Man in a mode where all the ghosts are that erratic orange slowpoke, Clyde? Would you like your games interrupted by constant pop-ups about sharing your progress on Facebook? How about being forced into constant microtransactions to build your character’s stats before you’ve even played the game long enough to know if it’s worth paying to play?
All of these modern changes to games we used to like are available at Something Awful. We’ve posted our favorite photoshops from the set below.

Made by Snowglobe of Doom

Made by Everdraed

Made by Bog Chef

Made by Tramii

Made by Bog Chef (full size here)

Made by Ultraviper

Made by Kilmers Elbow

Made by Bog Chef

Made by Ultraviper

Made by Shop Suey

Made by Bog Chef

Made by Trochanter

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