Sports Fans, Jedi Squirrels, and Links

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Thanks to Stinky Pete for screencapping this.

The Smoking Section Ranks In The Source’s Power 30 List |Smoking Section|

The President Of Russia Has Cheerleaders Because Why Wouldn’t He? |With Leather|

Breaking Development: ‘Breaking Bad’ Hilariously Meets ‘Arrested Development’ |UPROXX|

Plot of Jack & Jill recreated with passive-aggressive quotes from scathing reviews |Film Drunk|

Meme Watch: First World Problems Finally Have A Macro, One First World Problem Solved |UPROXX|

Sacha Cohen joins Christoph Waltz, the RZA in Quentin Tarantino’s slave movie |Film Drunk|

Meme Watch: Anti-Joke Chicken Is Ruining The Fun |UPROXX|

Is South Florida In For Another “Big Three”? |Smoking Section|

Corgi Friday: A Youtube-stravaganza |Warming Glow|

A Birdman Hunting Show? Yes, Please. |With Leather|

McRib With Bacon And Mozzarella Sticks |Buzzfeed|

Kid Learns An Early Lesson At The Zoo |I-Am-Bored|

15 Funny Real Life Sci-Fi Road Sign Hacks |Unreality|

20 inanimate objects that stole the show in movies |FARK|

Movies That Made Numbers and Dates Terrifying |Moviefone|

Adult Swim’s 15 Best Webcontents of the Week |Adult Swim|

The “Game Of Thrones” Theme Song With Lyrics (NSFW) |GorillaMask|

Rifle Gun and Fishing Rod Combo: Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel |Technabob|

Photoshop Creates an Attractive Woman From a Blank Canvas (VIDEO) |The FW|

Brooklyn Decker and Our Five Favorite Pages from the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar |Brobible|

VIDEO BELOW: Jedi Squirrels [Thanks to Bryan for submitting this.]

[Inset picture via Pleated-Jeans.]

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