Supercut Video: The 5 Ways You Know You’re Watching A Spielberg Movie

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The Five Ways To Know You're Watching a Spielberg Movie

They do move in herds.

If you’re a fan of sci-fi, Steven Spielberg’s movies (and the movies of other filmmakers he’s influenced) doubtlessly hold a place somewhere in your fondly-remembered past. And with twenty-six films over four decades, certain stylistic choices and themes keep repeating themselves. TIME video editor Valerie Lapinski noticed five of these ways you’ll know it’s a Spielberg movie. Check them out in the supercut video below.

  1. Daddy issues
  2. Streams of light
  3. Awestruck faces, which Matt Patches dubbed “The Spielberg Face”.
  4. A character looks through a window and we see both their expression and the reflection of what they’re seeing.
  5. The music of John Williams, which has been in every Spielberg film except The Color Purple (scored by Quincy Jones).

Thanks to /film for the assist. Banner picture courtesy Universal Pictures.

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