Superman Almost Looked Like an Energy Drink Can or a Figure Skater

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11.02.10 4 Comments

Hey remember Superman Lives, that movie Jon Peters and Kevin Smith Tim Burton were making back in the 90s? The one Warner spent about $50 million on before putting the project out of its misery? Special effects artist Steve Johnson posted several pre-production photos of costume designs from the film at his Facebook page.  They haven’t been made public until now. For good reason.  These are so 1990’s, I was expecting a Cross Colours one to be thrown in there somewhere.  I’m not entirely sure one of these isn’t hypercolor. And I’m pretty sure I saw Brian Boitano wearing that black one.  Not on the ice, just at the grocery store last week. He’s tremendous.

Several pics and a totally related video are below.  Also, I need to know where that Nic Cage bust is now.

Er, for a friend.  I need to know for a friend.  A friend who will be storing the bust at my house.  Next to my iguana cage.

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[Hat tip and a giant spider in the third act to ComicsAlliance.]

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