Hobo Superman Still Can’t Find His Shirt

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10.27.11 3 Comments

We now have pictures of Henry Cavill as a burly, shirtless Superman on the set of Man of Steel, where he’s seen chaperoning people to a helicopter and doing pull-ups between takes. We’ve posted some shirtless Superman pics before, but those were taken in British Columbia and these were taken in Vancouver, which we’re pretty sure are two completely different places in Canada or Cameroon or somewhere. We are nothing if not thorough. Correction: we are nothing if not thorough in regards to half-naked people. Geography, not so much.
Several pictures are after the jump along with a couple .gifs, one of which shows the woman whose job it is to continually rub the appropriate amount of schmutz on a shirtless Henry Cavill. Luckiest bitch ever.
[Pictures via SocialiteLife and BestWeekEver]

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Yes, I am 12 years old and this is hilarious.

“Are you not entertained?”

I love to sing-a about the moon-a and the June-a and the spring-a

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